Two weeks into the summer holidays


Just returned from a trip to Brent Cross shopping centre. My son wanted to test the Sebo vacuum cleaner at John Lewis and I wanted to get him decent clothes – a win-win situation?!  Was a stressful morning as he did not like any of the clothes in 10+ stores.  But, I’m determined.  We went from shop to shop and, hey, we ended up with a pair of trousers and swimming trunks for our trip to CentreParcs next week … VICTORY!  The reward = John Lewis, where the staff were fantastic – they embraced my son’s fascination with the Sebo vacuum cleaner, made him feel “happy” – this contrasted to his trip to Curry’s last week where a member of staff followed him around ‘as if he was a criminal’ and told him off for “playing with their vacuums”.  He felt “embarrassed and sad” – Curry staff were awful, so aggressive and insensitive, even after we told them he is saving up for a vacuum cleaner (he has £170 in his ‘bank’).  So sad that so many people are so intolerant of so many things.   My advice, avoid Curry’s at all costs.

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