The new SEN Reforms – Will they really make a difference to families?


Sema Cemal

The new SEN (Special Educational Needs) reforms have been in force since September 2014, replacing Statements with Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP).

Described as the ‘biggest reform of SEN for over 30 years’, the changes are intended to “put children, young people and their families first”, offering a “person centred” approach and the promise of professionals “working with and listening to families about things that are important to them in order to help them achieve their aspirations”.

These reforms come at a time of huge budget pressures, with statutory agencies likely to be involved in creating and maintaining a child’s EHCP all facing budget cuts – schools, health and social care.

When I wrote about my 7-year battle to meet my son’s educational needs, over 100 parents contacted me. Most of them commented on the difficulties they face getting educators to meet their child’s needs, especially when it…

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